My weekend in pictures | Orlebar Brown bday, Hat party and lots of food..


I've had an absolute shit day but going through these made me SO much happier! Let's start with Thursday.I met up with one of my favourite humans Pharao for some wonderful Japanese food.

We shared a plate of sushi, a bowl of goodness, miso soup and plum wine. How good is plum wine btw? I've missed it so much

After that we walked to Orlebar Brown who turned 10 years! Yay!

It was super busy and we enjoyed many cocktails, haha

These guys did too

They had a massive wall with beach illustrations and male models in swim shorts so I obviously agreed to a gif (that won't work on the blog for some reason). After that we travelled all the way to Shoreditch and to Mr. Hat's party at Curtain Road!

Mr. Hat himself helped friends who's hats needed some love and we danced away to Pharao's amazing music

Later that night Erykah Badu appeared from nowhere and took the stage. So so so cool. I didn't stay long as I had just sobered up and felt the tiredness overtake me. I was also being trampled on by pretty much everyone (one of my biggest anxiety triggers) and couldn't see my friends anywhere so decided it was best to leave. The next day I was TIRED and couldn't function at all. I met up with the lovely Yasmin after work and we shared some food and talked for ages, super lovely.

On Saturday I woke up bright and early and spent the morning doing laundry and cleaned my room. During the day I pretty much relaxed.. spent time on the terrace and just.. relaxed. In the evening my new (I say new as I had never met her before) friend Nikita came to visit and I had prepared the terrace..

For dinner! Maianh and Emelie joined us later too and we spent hours talking and catching up.

I need to invite more people over for dinner. It was so nice to sit down and talk without being disturbed by loud restaurant noise! And it's a lot cheaper than going out to eat. More home-dinners coming, promise!

On Sunday I made myself as pretty as possible in the heat and met up with Alison, a photographer from cali!

I wore my semi-new earrings from Asos and an entire outfit from Zara We met at the beautiful Barbican Conservatory and OH BOY I'm so excited to see and share the pictures she took! She was so talented and super lovely and I'd jump at the chance of working with her again!

I was surrounded by beautiful plants and trees but my fave room was the cactus room!

After the shoot I met Maianh and her friend at Bun Bun Bun in Shoreditch

We had Pho! My favourite meal ever

The sweat was unreal but we survived In the evening I read a book, skyped with my bestie in LA (<3) felt sad after skyping with bestie in LA and ate chocolate

This is the salt almond chocolate from swedish brand Marabou which was absolutely divine! Probably my new fave from them. Mmmmh Marabou.