My weekend in pictures

I promise I haven't lost interest with the blog - I just need some inspiration for posts and time! Last weekend was super active and I didn't really get enough pictures of everything I was doing. On friday eve I went to Red Rooster in Shoreditch to see Vibe perform rnb hits. I was early, as always, so I walked around the restaurant and found myself chatting to the super friendly Swedish-Ethiopian chef Samuel!

My friends arrived after a while and later on G as well. We enjoyed a few drinks whilst listening to the band and I just have to see them again soon! So talented!

On Saturday I met up with the Chop Chop family (new start up, will tell you guys more soon!) and helped setting everything up for the soft launch. Me and Laure collected pastries and had a sneaky coffee and hot chocolate.

I've never had hot chocolate served like this before but oh boy, super yum!

The soft launch of Chop Chop was such a success!

I got my hair and my makeup done too.. My lovely hair-do unravelled pretty fast but it was lovely whilst it lasted, haha!

After the launch I spent the afternoon at G's house, making food with his mom and watching tv. On Sunday I had a quick meeting with Kaye (Chop Chop again..) and then went to a 30th bday party where I completely forgot to take pictures. Goodness, what a weekend.

This week is relatively calm. I've been working late and gymming for the last three days, tomorrow I'm going to The Narrow, Friday eve will be spent at Tate Modern (they're doing late night events there!) and the weekend is unplanned although it seems like G might have something in mind.. Hopefully something that involves food ;)