My weekend in pictures


As you know by now, my weekend started with a wonderful cooking class with Donal Skehan! Such a fun way to start the weekend. After the cooking class I went straight home, ironically made some more food and hopped into my PJ's. So much for a crazy Friday. On Saturday I woke up at 7.30am (!!!) to go to the gym with G but he said I was late (ehm..) so I went on my own. I hadn't been to Virgin Active in Canary Wharf for a very long time and it is normally packed, but at 8am it was alright haha! After my workout I made this..

French toast with blueberry, banana and lots of honey! I mixed 2 eggs and a bit of milk and soaked the bread in it before frying it in coconut oil. Super simple!

Fast forward to the evening. Me and G drove to KINKAO near me (had no idea it was the same restaurant as the one in Shoreditch!) and had a lovely meal.

That was my Saturday. What a day. On Sunday I met up with my wonderful, successful, single, friend Tom at Hoxton Grill.

He was being a weirdo and ordered avocado and bacon. That's it. Meanwhile I had eggs royale yummmm

We caught up on life, how much we missed Katie and travel plans for the future. After our meal we walked (literally) around the building to newly opened Nobu Hotel and what a hotel?!

Absolutely stunning exterior as well as interior! Should've brought my camera with me.. next time! :)

We decided to go downstairs to their bar/restaurant and continue our conversations whilst drinking hot chocolate and tea

Can't wait to go back! Just look at this hallway for the bathrooms?!


Simply stunning. Well done Nobu! We stayed in Shoreditch for a bit and visited a couple of interior shops before I headed to Westfield in Stratford.

The aim was to find some new tops but all I managed to buy was a foam roller.. Oh well! I also popped into IKEA (as I had never been) and it was bad. Very bad. As a proud Swede I was very disappointed by the very minimal shop and lack of food?! Shame on you Ikea!

I came home, obviously very upset over my IKEA experience, and started food prepping for the week!

Sweet potatoes, mushrooms (underneath), green beans, halloumi, salad and beetroot.

This week's plans includes dinner at Sakagura, potential photoshoot tomorrow, dinner with bestie on thursday at Ippudo and possibly going out Saturday with friends visiting from the states! Exciting week ahead :)