My weekend in pictures

Restaurants, fitness event, birthday drinks and cooking - it was a productive weekend! On Friday I met G and had a drink with his colleagues. We discussed London slang words as an expat and shared a few laughs.. I've relied on Urban Dictionary to be completely honest. Not even embarrassed. We then popped by Busaba to have the usual: Pad Thai with a side of squid. Heeeeyyy. Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and got ready to meet Karla as we were going to Adanola's event in Clerkenwell.It finished earlier than expected so G met me at Barbican and we visited The Japanese House, a very big exhibition about Japanese architecture.The weather was stunning BUT ridiculously windy.When we got home we made a very simple, healthy dinner. Chicken, lots of veggies and wraps.After dinner I had a long shower and got ready for Tom's bday drinks at Ruby's.The night ended here:At a random turkish place nearby. On Sunday we finally visited Bokan (will write more about it in another post!) and mmmmh, I'll be back soon.We spent the rest of the day on the sofa watching Dave Chappelle's new show on Netflix. Absolutely hilarious.When it was dark outside I made dinner. Lasagna was on the menu!I made a small version (above) and a very large version (below) to bring to G's family the next day as a mother's day gift. I'm all for flowers and chocolate but food? give me food any day of the week! :)I didn't follow a recipe but there's the usual minced beef, tomato sauce, tomato puree, garlic, onion, carrots (I like to add it!) and spices. I bought a ready made bechamel sauce and added loooots of cheddar cheese on top to make it crispy!