My weekend in food.. I mean pictures.

Oh what a weekend. It's been rough but also filled with love and food.On Saturday I went to Hoxton Hotel in Holborn and blogged for a bit before Emelie joined me for brunch.Rings from Selah Vie and Felice DahlWe both ordered crab on avocado toast, sooooo delicious!Hey pretty!Here's me, hi hi.I thought the bathroom looked cool so I took a picture.And a selfie. Bomber jacket, long sleeved top, jeans and chelsea boots - all in black of course.

Brunch somehow turned into cocktails and I had a spiced apple.We had initially planned to go out but that turned into.. Pad Thai from Wagamama, wine and movies. Such a good, relaxed day! Yesterday my girls came to mine and we bought healthy snacks (don't think Mikaela has ever had a spread this healthy) and talked for hours and watched tv.In the early evening after watching Drinking Buddies (cute movie btw!) Mikaela left and me and Emelie made tacos.Was such a long time ago since I had tacos and it was delicious! Emelie eventually left and I went to bed early. How was your weekend? Did you guys get up to much? :)