My latest screenshots

I screenshot things regularly and never remember to actually go back and check what it was I wanted to remember, haha. Let's have a little look and see if we can find something useful! Okay this book sounds pretty magical. Might have to buy it

My curling wand is on sale guys! You can find it here. Think I just screenshotted it cause I wanted to share the deal with you! It is a great wand if you want loose curls and works great on long thick hair

So this is a mug that basically has a flavour infused rim (top of the mug) or something like that. You basically smell orange/coke/berries whilst drinking water which makes your brain confused. I'm SO intrigued by this tbh

My friend Tom is moving into a new apartment and IT HAS EXPOSED BRICKS and I am so excited for him. I obviously went on pinterest straightaway and bombarded him with pins

Another one I sent him

Well.. this is just me

A really good song I had to tweet about

Love the layers of necklaces

Just look at that view?! I'd love to plan a winter holiday in the next year or so

The best quote

Bella Hadid looking STUNNING in this beautiful gown

Avocado saver!!! Need to find this


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