My latest pins

Here are my latest obsessions on pinterest. As usual it is a bit of a mix between interior, food and clothes! How pretty is this blue/grey colour?! I love the glass wall. So much prettier than a boring shower curtain! Concrete floor and green plants, so much love. This belongs in my belly. Seriously. I love cuddles, I love breakfast, so why wouldn't I love breakfast in bed?  Love this dress Aimee is wearing. She's one of my fave bloggers/instagrammers and youtuber. If I could befriend anyone in the blog world it would most likely be her. I've been looking for a pair of heeled chelsea boots for so long. I'm so particular when it comes to boots as I want the heel to be medium, not too round and not too pointy, leather and overall good quality. These from Zara are beautiful but I doubt they'll last more than a year.. (they are obviously from an old season, damn it!). I think it's time to host a dinner party soon! A tiny tiny initial gold necklace Perfect outfit! Wished it was warmer in London :(