My latest interior pins

I love Pinterest for interior inspiration! Here are my latest ones under one of my boards called Living room. I love the white and grey walls, the fireplace and mix with furniture. I also like the low shelves at the back because you can still put candle holders and plants on top!

This is just beautiful. The ceiling and windows gives me goosebumps! It's obviously not very cozy and personal - must've been a showroom of some sort!

I like the simplicity of this livingroom/dining room. Big comfy sofa for movie nights and those windows! Goals!

I love Michaela Forni's livingroom in Stockholm. She has impeccable taste and an eye for detail!

Concrete and brown leather. yum.

The ceiling and exposed bricks are my faves in this picture!

Very chic living room with a raised kitchen

I love the plant in the background! That marble table is gorgeous too.

Look at that arm chair?!Love the gold details. And that round mirror? Super pretty!

That sofa looks super comfy and I love the day bed as well (is that what it's called in English?! Haha) Again a massive plant in the background which I really like.

Those double doors! I like pretty much everything about this picture.

Another living room with a low bookcase! And what did I say about candle holders and plants earlier? So pretty!

I can definitely see a pattern here. In my future living room I'd like a big comfy sofa, preferably one that turns into a bed as I'd love for friends and family to be able to stay over - this is the life of an "expat"! There has to be a random, really cool but comfortable arm chair with a foot rest and a low coffee table in marble, glass or stone. A big plant/tree is a must and I would personalise the entire room with photos, art, pillows and blankets. I'd also love wooden floors but here in the UK they've got this stupid thing of having carpet everywhere..

Do you read any interior blogs? If so, please send me links! :)