How to create an art wall and modernise your home


This post is in collaboration with Desenio The house I live in is a pretty spacious english standard house. It's taken several flatmates to move in and out, lots of requests to the landlord to paint the walls white and decluttering of furniture to make it clean. Since one of my previous flatmates moved out me and my current flatmates have made an effort to make it home-ier, modern and prettier.

Our living room has been quite boring for a while but we've managed to update and modernise it with a little help from Desenio. There's a little treat for my readers at the end of the post so keep on scrolling to find out what it is!

Here's a before picture so you get a better idea of what we were working with..

And here's after!

We put up 4 posters from Desenio with frames from IKEA. I kept it pretty neutral with a big poster of birds (50x70), two floral prints (30x40) and a picture of what I think is a swedish forest (looks like home!).

Birds Lotus flower Magnolia Forest

Creating an art wall like this was a lot easier than I expected - especially since we didn't use a drill etc. We popped all the posters inside the frames and laid them out on the floor to see what kind of layout we wanted.

After moving them around for a little bit we decided on the above layout. Now all we had to do was pop them on the wall!

I'd come across these Command strips on the world wide web a few months ago and wanted to try them out. We have concrete walls everywhere so we either needed to drill into the walls or use these - and thank god they worked (nothing has fallen off yet..).

You basically click two pieces together (like velcro), remove one liner to expose the glue and stick it on the frame (we used 2 for the smaller frames and 4 for the big frame). You then remove the other liner and now comes the tricky part. You have to either have good eyes or a functional level to make sure the frame is glued straight onto the wall. We pretty much winged it but did pretty good on the first try! We only had to change one of the frames but it was super easy to remove the glue and re-do it.

On the other side of the room you'll find another poster. We currently have it on our tv bench instead of a tv..

Hellebore leaf

Fresh flowers will make any room prettier!

We also have tiny succulents dotted around the house as they are super easy to maintain.

It's so simple to change a room with details such as posters and plants and I am so happy with what it has done to our living room.. I think my flatmates are too :)

If you'd like to add a little something to your walls, you will get 25% discount* on Desenio with the code Noelle25. It is valid between the 25-27th of july, so today until thursday. Happy shopping!!

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