Mikaela's birthday

December babies, that we are!Whilst writing and putting together my 2016 posts I've realised how much I've been hanging out with this one and how much I love her - and I don't say that very easily. Me and Mikaela actually met online. There's this page on facebook called "londonswedes" where lots of newbies posts friend-ads and when I first moved here I went on a lot of friend-dates, like a lot. Out of those friend dates I probably speak to one person who doesn't even live here anymore. Since then I just haven't been wanting to meet newbies as they are usually here temporarily and I just couldn't be asked, but then.. Mikaela posted an ad in November last year and her keywords were hiphop and shoreditch so I just thought, meh.. why not?! On the 11th of that month (yes, I looked it up) we met at this secret soon-to-be members bar in Shoreditch, drank cocktails and just talked for hours. We had so many things in common and just got along and since then I've considered her one of my best friends. We've usually met to rant and eat but she's also been a great help in terms of this blog, as she is a super duper cool designer. I've seen her get married, get drunk, attempt to sing along to Lucia songs and happily eat whatever I bake. DSC04434 copyimg_1133.jpgdsc07392-copyimg_5844 To celebrate her birthday we met at a trashy bar in Shoreditch, her fave activity. I brought Emelie with me since she's pretty new in London and we all like to meet new people! We quickly noticed that all five of us (mikaela's hubby and friend was there too) were dressed in all black. How typically scandi of us! The only colour present was a phone case and.. wine.Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Mikaela! Know that you are a special one.