Mikaela & Lars forever part II

After the lovely ceremony we walked over to The Printhouse (located between Bow and Stratford) where we had booked a table for lunch. I had been there once before and had good memories from my sunday roast and dessert. We were slightly early and spent 10 minutes out in the cold waiting and hanging on the gate, literally. At noon one of the guys opened up and I said "moooorningggg, how are you today? my friends JUST got married, fun right?? We're here to celebrate!", I was clearly full of excitement.We were the first to arrive so had the entire place to ourselves! We got our table and ordered drinks and starters. At this point everything went smoothly. Super cute mini bottle of prosecco for the bride :)We shared two platters with various types of ham, cheese and a red pesto dip. When we had finished nothing happened. No one came round to ask for our main order or clear the starters. As I wrote earlier, we were the first to arrive and there were maybe two to three other tables that were busy at this point. I got up and asked if we could order our main dish and one of the waiters came over and took our orders. Three special salmon and three burgers, all cooked medium (he asked each and one of us). After a pretty long wait, which was fine by us - meant it was cooked then and there! - we got our food. And to our surprise all of our burgers were cooked well done, not medium. Now, I was STUPIDLY hungry and so were the happy couple, so we decided to eat it anyway, and completely forgot about the mishap. Everyone enjoyed their food and we chatted away.. None of the staff checked on us. So one of our friends got up to ask if he could pay as they were leaving earlier. Cool, done, hugs, bye. No meal is properly finished until you've had dessert, according to me, so I got up to ask for the dessert menu. Again, none of the staff checked on us so I had to get up AGAIN to ask if we could order dessert.  Sticky toffee pudding and chocolate cake. The sticky toffee was absolutely amazing whilst the chocolate cake was on the drier side, but the vanilla ice cream helped.

I couldn't believe that we had to get up about 4 times during our lunch at The Printhouse. FOUR TIMES. I'm a proper service-geek and have in all my jobs tried to go above and beyond for customers. If a passenger onboard a flight said they were flying on their honeymoon we would arrange champagne from business class, if a customer in a shop was thirsty I would get a glass of water - anything to do that little extra. But at The Printhouse even the most basic service was non-existent, since we had to get up ourselves and ask for things.

If you think I'm moaning for no reason at all, please do comment! If you agree with me, please comment as well so I don't feel like I'm moaning, haha.

All in all, we had an absolutely lovely day because of what we had witnessed earlier on - the marriage between two beautiful people, and nothing could bring us down.

Puss, N