Lucia in London with Londonswedes


(pic from when I was in the Lucia choir..) Yes, it's that time again! Every single december (without fail) I either attend or participate in Lucia. I've written some background story on it here.

This year Londonswedes is hosting several Lucia concerts at the amazing Asylum Chapel in Peckham and I can't wait to attend! The 20 women strong choir is led by professional singer Cecilia Stalin and Swedish artist Miriam Bryant is guest performing on the shows on the 10th of December! They will have Swedish Christmas snacks available on snacks and of course mulled wine (glögg) which I personally think is 100 times better than any other mulled wine I've ever had.. ;)

Look at some of their pictures from last year:

The concerts run from the 10th until the 14th of December and you can buy your tickets here:

Lucia tickets

I hope I see you there!

In collaboration with Londonswedes