The longest bday celebration | Part 2


Part 2 of my bday celebration is here! There's 3 parts, sorry guys, haha.After the first official shoot for the new radio show (read more here) I came home and got ready for yet another event. Me, G and Alana went to Tropicana Club in Covent Garden and met a bunch of other friends to see Axel Blake's final Krazy Klub which was a comedy show he hosted - he's now moving on to bigger and better things ;) I wanted to do something slightly different for my birthday and I am so happy I chose to book this comedy show!

Outfit: Farleigh mom jeans from Asos, top from Zara, earrings from Monki and heel from New Look

We started our night with some exotic cocktails and food platters that we shared

I've seriously got the prettiest friends

The comedy show itself was absolutely hilarious and I genuinely had tears in my eyes from laughing so much!

Me and Yasmin :)

At midnight all my friends screamed/sang happy birthday and we continued to dance until security closed down the venue, haha

Me and G checked into the Grange hotel in Aldgate and slept like babies until late morning.. Couldn't have had a better start to my birthday - spending it next to him.