The longest bday celebration | Part 1


I've never celebrated my birthday for as long as I did last week, don't even know how it came about to be honest but boy did I have a good birthday. It started on Friday after a day of high fever. I was SO sick of being ill and felt grey so decided to get my first ever spray tan at Luminis Spa in Canary Wharf.

I was very happy with my tan and I would definitely do it again! I won't do an in-depth blog post about it just yet as it was my first time but as soon as I know a little more about after care etc I will let you guys know! In the evening of Friday I was sill not feeling 100% so I decided to treat G and Alana to a homemade lasagna with a thick layer of cheese on top ;)

On Saturday I woke up feeling really good and was in the mood to do some DIY so I forced Alana to join me!

We transformed our coffee table! Blog post coming soon :)

We did our nails whilst watching a crappy Christmas movie and I practiced braiding Alana's hair too! Em got home from work and G joined us on some pre drinks and snacks :)

After a few glasses of prosecco we drove to Curtain Club and another Supa Dupa Fly event! We were joined by other friends and danced until the lights turned on.

Alana and Simone somehow matched to the T.. Braids, earrings and all black outfits, haha!

I was photobombed by G..

And if it wasn't G it was some other random dude!

(dress from Missguided and heels from New Look)