A little rant about anxiety and depression

My anxiety kind of flared up last night due to a short convo with an unnecessarily rude man. My mood dropped and I didn't sleep well at all. I'm aware of why I reacted the way I did but I couldn't control how I reacted.Then this morning I came across this article on the Daily Mail. Ugh.

This is the headline:

Oh, so if depressed people "just stopped over-thinking" they'll be cured? Jeez. Let's continue reading.

"..but you can control how you respond to what you think".. it's not that easy. Sometimes your brain is so fixated on something negative that it takes days to turn it around. I am starting to get better at it but man, it is a long process.

The comments were absolutely spot on:

This is how I try and explain it when someone asks about anxiety or depression. The worst thing you can say is "get over it", "be grateful for what you have", "you have so much, you have nothing to be depressed about". Go. Away. Right. Now. It's not about being grateful or snapping out of it. Anxiety and depression isn't something you can just "get over". One theory is that depression is linked to a low level of Serotonin which is produced in the brain. It is thought that it can affect mood and social behaviour, appetite, sleep and even memory and people go on pills to increase the serotonin levels. Then there are another thousand reasons for why a person gets anxiety/depression and I would personally say therapy is the best answer. Okay. I'm rambling, haha. I just got annoyed reading the article. Instead of educating people they publish things like this. Can't expect too much from The Daily Mail though!

If you've read the article, what are your thoughts?

Hope you're all having a lovely Tuesday :) Puss!