Let's promote walking, shall we?


I'm currently in my hometown celebrating my sis graduation and dad's birthday and man I've missed being home. As soon as me and G landed in Stockholm we both took deep breathes of fresh air.The only place in London where I can find similar air is in the many parks in and around the city. Now, I will update you on my weekend but I just had to mention this app my bestie has been working on - since I'm talking about fresh air.

Go Jauntly is a free community-based app created by a small group of Londoners who all work in tech/design. It is designed to help people find walks, create their own, and share with friends.. Brilliant if you ask me!

Another great thing about the app is that it uses TFL's open data, so you can track the air pollution! Its absolutely amazing, especially when you read stats like these:

  • In January 2017, air pollution in London reached a six year high when a “black” alert was issued for parts of the capital.
  • Transport for London said NHS could save £1.7 billion on conditions including heart disease and diabetes if Londoners walked or cycled for just 20 minutes a day.
  • House of Commons, Parks Matter Report discovered that for every £1 spent on establishing healthy walking schemes the NHS could save £7.18
  • Nature-based interventions for individuals or “Green prescriptions” are on the rise to help manage mental health issues.

I don't mind walks in the parks but what's even better? Walks with a purpose. Purpose = food. Food in the park = picnic. Two weeks ago me and Mikaela had a lovely picnic in a park near me and I can't wait to use the app to find hidden spots that are perfect for picnics! Who's with me?!

Read more about Go Jauntly here and download it here.