Kräftskiva med Londonsvenskar | Crayfish party with Londonswedes!


KRÄFTSKIVA!! On Saturday Londonswedes invited me and Alana to the annual crayfish party. We arrived just after 1pm and the outdoor seats were already taken, bummer!We took a seat inside and my two colleagues Khaled and Faisal soon arrived with their friend Reya.

We obviously wore the silly hats provided and did our first shot, ugh.

Our starters arrived; Felix (swedish brand) meatballs, mash, lingonberry jam and cream sauce YUM!

And then.. Potato salad with fresh dill, herring, salad, cheese and the crayfish!

And lots of it!

I couldn't really take too many pictures during the meal as I was busy eating :)

The aftermath!

Dessert. No clue what it was but it was delicious - especially the top bit that I might have scraped off..

After 3 shots, wine and a glass of water and lots of food we were rolling out.

Got to meet the very impressive Charlotte who's the owner and founder of Londonswedes! She's seriously so amazing for putting up these annual swedish events and I can't wait to attend more. Go Charlotte and Londonswedes!