I've had a bad week and its ok

The title says it all. I've had one of those weeks. I've had PMS and everyone who's had or have it knows what it it entails - feeling emotional, frustrated, like no one likes or gets me and sad etc etc. I've felt ugly because my skins been breaking out, fat because my belly gets bloated, irritated because my back and stomach cramps have been so intense. I feel alone because everyone in London is out having a good time and I'm in bed watching Justin Timberlakes concert on Netflix whilst drinking tea. Was meant to visit my good friend and her baby girl today but she cancelled, had brunch and did some shopping with Tom instead (more on that tomorrow) which was fun but I felt bad because I knew I wasn't being myself. He did say it was ok to have one of those days and it is. It is ok. I know I'll be better tomorrow and even better on Monday but man everything I feel right now just sucks and all I want is a cuddle and some Ben and Jerry's.Sorry for the most depressing post but as I've previously written I feel like it not only helps me (this is basically my online diary) but it might help others realise that it's ok to have one of those weeks. Here are a couple of pics I found on pinterest that explains my, and many others, current state of mind. It even put a smile on my grumpy face. The last one is basically me this week, haha. Had no idea why I was being so emotional and moody and all of a sudden it hit me.. Goodnight peeps! Puss x