What I've done in the last couple of days

Sorry for the blog-silence but I've simply been busy with all of this: I made a delicious falafel salad with wraps.

I washed my converses for the first time (long overdue). I popped the laces in a laundry bag and shoes in the washing machine at 30 degrees and low spin. Worked like a charm!

Iron Zuu on Wednesday was an absolute killer. I felt so sick afterwards, haha.

But my nausea was treated with Love Fresh Vietnamese and Mikaela <3

On thursday I had to pop over to our west london office and the garden nearby looked like this

And at lunch I met up with the lovely photographer Mikaela and took some really cool shots here

After work I walked to the newly opened Barrecore studio in Moorgate. I'd been signed up to try their Signature class!

I've tried Barre before but this was something else. It was more like a super intense Pilates class with a few barre moves - and boy was it hard?! My muscles were aching during AND after the class.

In the evening I went to Faded at Camden Lockside with my bf, nam and the creepers gang to have a little dance.

And on Friday morning I woke up with a text from mom saying "happy easter" and look at her view?!

I made some more wraps. This time I added cottage cheese and it was actually quite nice!

I walked by these flowers and had to take a pic. Beautiful.

Tonight we are flying to Brazil and I couldn't be more excited! I will schedule a couple of posts as I don't think I'll blog much from there during the first week, but be patient! I will have so so much to share :)