One of my closest swedish friends in London just had a baby!! I walked into her apartment, saw baby Isabelle, and didn't know what to do with myself. I definitely didn't want to pick her up, that thought scared me! Such a strange feeling as I love holding babies, but I don't think I've been around a baby this young before?! She had just turned 2 weeks when I visited. DSC04638 copy DSC04640 copyI bought some fika (swedish word for cake with tea/coffee) at the curious yellow café down the road which was much appreciative. The chocolate balls had a hint of coffee and the kladdkaka (chocolate cake) was super gooey with coconut. Just how I like em.DSC04642 copy DSC04644 copyAfter staring at Isabelle for about an hour, my friend asked if I wanted to hold her and even though I still felt nervous it was all good once she was in my arms. What a fragile little thing! Seriously! DSC04650 copy She cried every now and again and kept looking for milk (I kept on saying I was the wrong woman for that..) and so I sat there feeding her for nearly an hour with a bottle.Me and my friend spent hours and hours talking about pregnancy, her first few weeks, the future, switched to me and my life, my "problems" which seemed SO small compared to having a newborn at home. I don't think you ever feel quite ready to have a child, but I can't wait till it's my turn. Not now, obviously, but in a few years. The best compliment I have ever received is that I will be a great and loving mother one day. Those few words means the world to me. DSC04655 copy Because Isabelle's dad is a hairdresser I decided to give her this.. :)DSC04657 copyFrom Selfridges.

Puss, N