I'm back!

OH MY GOD, excuse the silence. I'm not going to apologize too much as 1. my blog is just a hobby I one day hope to become something more and 2. I just didn't want to blog when we were surrounded by family, food and things to do.On another amazing note, I have so much to blog about now! We'll start at the very beginning.

We travelled to Sao Paulo from London Heathrow. I packed my usual long-haul travel stuff like:

Headphones from Urbanears, kindle (this amazing gadget needs a blog post on its own), various cables and plugs, hand cream and eye mask.

Nam drove us to Heathrow, we checked in our bags and grabbed some dinner before jumping on the plane.

We travelled on a Boeing 777 (which I used to fly when I worked as Cabin Crew) but this was an OLD ONE. Look at the screen?! I sound like a spoilt child but man, this was bad. I quickly turned it off and watched movies on my macbook instead.

And don't get me started on the food. Ugh. This was the breakfast we were given.

Anyway. After a 12 hour flight and a few movies we landed in Sao Paulo. We got our bags and took a taxi to G's family friends apartment and had a little rest. We then decided to explore her area and not fall asleep. More on that in the next post!