Gifts from across the pond

Earlier this week I finally got my galentine's gift from Katie! The parcel had travelled through countries and customs and took it's sweet time, but I'm glad to say it is here.When I was in NYC last year we visited the jewellery/lifestyle boutique Catbird not once but twice - and I became slightly obsessed.


TA DAAA - Happy girl over here!

A super lovely scented candle (love), wishing bracelet (you put it on and make a wish. whenever it naturally falls off your wish comes true.. love!), a pen (love) and nail polish in a beautiful pastel caramel-y colour (obvs love!).

catbird gift

One of my shopping goals (they are real) is to be able to afford Catbird jewellery cause it is absolutely stunning. Just look at these pieces!

Super thin necklaces. Minimal and classic!

Love stackable rings! I can't be asked to buy cheap ones from high street shops as they fade in colour etc, but want to start "investing" in gold and silver ones.

I've planned to get more piercings but keep postponing it.. I'm such a little chicken. After my holiday.. I'll do it then (she says..)

Thanks Katie for my wonderful gift :) Love you!