Garden and fresh air

One thing I genuinely miss about Sweden is the clean and fresh air. London has such high pollution it kills 9000 people a year and let me break this down easily.. If you have a cold your snot will actually come out black. Disgusting.SO! When I come home I find myself thinking about the air and how I breathe. My parents house is surrounded by green and water so the air is super clean and fresh. It's like a detox for the body. The day after the big party we cooked a massive breakfast and went for a walk down to Alsters Strandbad after (Lake Vänern).DSC04885 copyLove a big breakfast with everyone around the tableDSC04917 copy Our little guest house Dad built a few years ago DSC04902 copyOur amazing pond Dad built a few years ago..DSC04904 copy And our awesome terrace - yes, that Dad built a few years ago DSC04919 copyMom has super green fingers and grows her own herbs and vegetablesDSC04894 copy DSC04893 copy DSC04892 copyI spent most of my childhood here by the lake. Every morning of summer holiday I would walk down to the lake (takes about 3-4 minutes) and play and swim in the water. Same thing at lunch and after dinner. It is super easy to take these things (fresh air, living by a lake, having a beautiful garden) for granted but after living in big cities I'm very grateful for all that.

Puss, N