Friyay and four on repeat 

FRIYAY! Feels like it's been a very long week as I've been recovering from my cold (sorry for mentioning it yet again!) but I am finally getting better.Today I celebrated Friday by having lunch from Falafel House, yum! My weekend plans are: I am soon going to the local bar to have a drink with my girls from work. After that I am going home to quickly change and refresh my face - by the way, is there anyone else who has to wash their face and redo their makeup before going somewhere in the evening? just me? - we are going to a restaurant opening in deptford, exciting! Tomorrow I might pop to the gym early and then meeting Tom for lunch at newly renovated Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch. I haven't been there since the revamp so I'm excited to see it! On Sunday I have to do some laundry and meal prep for the coming week. I also feel like baking kanelbullar (swedish cinnamon buns) so perhaps I'll do that too!

On another note.. here's four songs that I've played a hundred times so far: 1. Kehlani - Keep on 2. Alina Baraz - Electric  3. Tinie Tempah - Text from your ex 4. Alice Jemima - No diggity

What are your weekend plans? Puss! (still means Kiss in swedish)

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