Foodies Festival!


Yes, yet another food festival! On Saturday me and Alana went to Alexandra Palace and to the Foodies Festival hosted in the park below it.

Our first stop was the Beer For That tent that hosted tasting and pairing sessions. I'm not a big beer drinker but it was actually really interesting!

We'd taste a piece of food, like a onion bhaji, and then get a small cup with a beer matching it.

Beer for that has a tool on their website called Beer Match where you enter what type of food you are cooking and they will recommend a beer! After our little beer session we walked around in the heat to the other tents and tried Les Dauphins wine..

Captain Morgan obviously had a ship..


Primrose kitchen sold delicious organic granolas that were surprisingly yummy! Regret not buying the cinnamon and apple granola..

The Toffee Vodka was so delicious we actually bought a bottle to have at home!

And for lunch we walked around for ages before settling for Belly N Bao and boy am I glad we did!

We had a sticky pork belly bun each with a spicy salad on top, yum.

I'd highly recommend going to the foodies festival next year if you, like me, love food and drinks! So many stalls, people were absolutely lovely and a overall great vibe! :)