Food and snacks from above

As I've been preparing this post for the last couple of weeks (prep as in taking a picture of my food before consumption) I've noticed how boring my food has been.. This is obviously a selection of easy foods I've made and eaten but it seems like I've only taken pictures of my most boring meals. Oh well.Let's go through what I've eaten at work and home:Chicken burrito with rice, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber and a tiny bit of sour creamRice with a creamy mushroom and chicken thing I made up with veggies Eggs royale from Albion (the most boring eggs royale I've ever seen)IKEA crisp bread with avocado and spices Sale sushi from Itsu (they go on sale every day 30 minutes before closing!)Spaghetti bolognese (my bf doesn't know this but I made the bolognese with quorn and minced lamb, 50/50). It tasted a little bit sweeter than normal but I thought it was delicious - and definitely healthier! IKEA crispbread again with avocado and eggsMore rice and creamy mushroom chicken thing, this time with avocado Oh surprise, more IKEA crispbread with avocado and spices. Juice from Krüger in Canary Wharf (they're the best!)Homemade zucchini fritters, couscous, salad, garlic sour cream and avocado Oh wait what, IKEA crispbread, avocado and spices and peppermint tea

In summary: I will become an avocado