Feeling low


I've been feeling really really low lately. Like really low.I think it started with us returning from Brazil, cause who wouldn't be miserable coming back to a grey, cold and rainy London? It then continues with a lot of negativity at work. Negativity and stress I thought I handled well but my mind clearly wanted to spend more time on. I had the BEST weekend with Mikaela but that felt like an escape. A fun one. On top of all of this, I was called a terrorist. This is what happened:

I did try and laugh it off and I do think he was crazy, but it was still one of those things I never thought would happen to me.

There was a moment when G just held me on Friday and it was like my walls came down. Walls I didn't realise had been up for a few weeks. I couldn't explain why I was upset, I just was. I'm still feeling a bit low but at least now I have acknowledged my feelings and I know it's ok to feel this way from time to time.

Currently thinking about things I'm grateful for, what I should do today (watch Colossal and possibly bake) and what to have for breakfast. One thing at a time.

Here's to a lovely, calm, positive Sunday!

(actually really wanted to get an arrow tattoo but G got me an arrow necklace and I chickened out..)