Esthechoc event at D thomas clinic

Last week me and Shannon was invited to a slightly unusual event: Wine and chocolate tasting at D Thomas clinic in Chelsea!Esthechoc is the result of years and years of research and lab experiments at Cambridge Chocolate Technologies (yes, it exists). Let me try and explain Esthechoc: Estechoc is a skin health anti-ageing dark chocolate containing 72.6% chocolate. It contains an insane amount of antioxidants (more so than a regular bar of dark chocolate) and cocoa polyphenols. They claim that the chocolate will not only raise insulin levels but also improve skin health in just three weeks! Unlike some supplements that are hard for the gut to digest (like capsules), this is absorbed like any other food and therefore impacts your body and skin from the inside effectively. See, you totally get it now, right? I entered the clinic and was greeted by the lovely girls from EBWPR. They had Chocolate mylk from Raw Press and lots of other yummy chocolate treats displayed. dsc07282-copy dsc07283-copy After a lovely introduction from EBWPR we had a great skin care talk with Debbie Thomas. She spoke about the importance of what we put in our bodies in terms of foods. Debbie has plenty of treatments that can help with topical problems but if you want a long term solution you need to look at absolutely everything - from what you eat to what you put on top of your skin. After the talk we had a lovely wine tasting session with South London Wine School. We paired three different red wines to the dark chocolate and talked about spices, notes and berries. Super interesting! dsc07294-copydsc07288-copy dsc07290-copyAfter the wine tasting Dr Marek from Cambridge Chocolate Technology overwhelmed us with scientific talks. The amount of research they had done before launching Esthechoc is super impressive and I am convinced this is just not "another supplement". dsc07295-copy dsc07297-copydsc07354-copy dsc07355-copy dsc07356-copyWe were given a goodie bag and I'm not going to lie, I secretly hoped we'd be given a trial of Esthechoc and we did! Yaayy! Can't wait to try these out. In the goodie bag they also had a lip balm and body butter from Body Shop and a face mask from Anatomicals - all chocolate of course!

Thanks EBWPR for the invite :)