DIY: How to update your headboard


I'm a big fan of DIY projects. Maybe not so much doing it myself but I love reading/watching others makeovers, haha. The other week I found a headboard in our storage room but it had this ugly dirty-beige colour so I googled around to see what I could do.I found a bunch of people that had done these fancy tufted headboards but I just wanted something plain..

What you're going to need:

  • A old, scruffy headboard
  • Upholstery fabric
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Patience

I ordered this grey upholstery fabric from Ebay for £6.99 (link here)

Laid it out in my living room and placed the headboard face down. Made sure I had enough space on each side to fold it over

I stretched the fabric towards myself and hammered a nail in. Turned out it was too long so I hammered it halfway and then bent the nail. Worked fine, haha.

When it came to the legs I simply cut the material to make space for the legs

Like so!

And hammered some more nails in..

The corners were a bit tricky but I just folded the fabric on itself and popped a nail through the fabric layers!

And done!

Next I had my flatmate Alana help me fit the headboard behind my bed.. Here's a before and after!

The headboard is a little too small for my personal liking but it'll do for now :) What's good about this is.. If I ever get tired of the grey colour I can easily change it!

Hope you enjoyed my little DIY post <3