DIY baby shoot

On Sunday I spent all day with my beautiful friend Helena and her adorable baby girl Isabelle. We spent hours catching up as I hadn't seen her since after NYC, and Isabelle had grown so much in the last month.I brought my camera as well to attempt to take a few pictures they can print and my gosh, I've got so much respect for baby photographers! I also now know why they do it when their newborn and sleep 23 hours a day, haha. Here's a few that I took and edited for them :) dsc07432-copy dsc07452-copy dsc07533 dsc07512-copyHOW ADORABLE IS SHE? I took these with my 50mm lens, blanket as background and edited them a little in photoshop dsc07551-copy dsc07556-copy dsc07557-copyJust wanted to chew all of her!!! I left them in the early evening to meet up with Nicole and G.. more on that in the next post!