A different view | Novotel Canary Wharf


My weekend was seriously amazing. Not only did I get to explore a brand new hotel and eat good food, but I got to share the experience with Mikaela, my bestie!I was invited to stay at Novotel in Canary Wharf on Saturday and we checked in around 1pm. Here's a little tour of the room!

(I had to split the posts in two as we were very snappy!)

The bedroom

Bathroom with little to none privacy (or so we thought).. turned out there was a button to "frost" the glass ;)

Insane view from the 27th floor

Gifts!! Some coffee, seeds, tea and spices :) Thank you Louisa!

More treats!!

And last but not least.. the pool and sauna.

Such a beautiful hotel! Wished I could stay there all the time, haha. If you're looking for hotels in Canary Wharf - Novotel is the place to book, trust me!