Chop Chop | First official photoshoot


I've mentioned Chop Chop here and there in previous posts and let me tell you a little more about it. Chop Chop is launching early next year and it is, in short, dry-styling on the go. We have these amazing pods that are movable so we will be able to style your hair at events, festivals, stations and permanent locations too.

What's unique about CC is that our stylists can style anyone's hair, I promise! We don't see texture, we just see hair. So whether you have curly, straight, afr or short hair - our stylists will be able to style you! How amazing is that? We're going to have a menu with various looks you can choose from at a gender neutral price.

Our first offical shoot took place at Park Village in North London and it went so well. It was full on from 8am to late but the result is incredible and I am so excited to share more once I am allowed to ;)

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