Birthday at Bunker 51

ALBI! My dear friend Albi. Albi turned "21" this week and on sunday last week we played laser tag with the crew. I'm not going to lie, I wasn't that excited. I've never been into tv games, computer games.. any kind of games. Basically, I didn't have any expectations.I dressed in sports wear and met up with Albi to later be picked up by Matt and Nicole. We drove to Bunker 51 and "checked in". We popped our bags in lockers, got a safety-briefing and picked up our guns and vests. We played about 4-5 games during the hour and a half we were there, both as teams and individuals. Now, earlier I wrote I've never been into games etc.. HAH! This was so flipping fun. Who knew that I had an inner ninja inside me? All of us were sweating like crazy after the games. What a workout. DSC04312   Team! Quick 15 min break And snapchat.. And dinner at Busaba after! Won't say much about dinner but Busaba in the O2 Arena has the worst service eveerrrrr. That's all.Thank you Albs for organising such a fun event!

Bunker 51 Under 'TeamSport Docklands Go-karting' 3 Herringham Road North Greenwich, SE7 8NJ

Puss, N