Braids, pizza and Supa Dupa Fly mansion party

My weekend in pictures! On Friday evening me and G went to Islington to see Fixation (exhibition) which my friend Makesa Kaizen curated with Richard Nixon. We couldn't stay for long so didn't get a chance to say hi but a massive well done to them both!


After our quick visit we went to Pergola on the roof in Paddington which was super busy! Our friends had a table and we got some drinks and yummy pizza and talked about apps, start ups and colourful jumpers.


On Saturday my very talented friend Andrea came over and braided my hair. We decided on 4 braids, two smaller and two bigger ones. You can't tell in the picture but I was super excited, haha!


I then got dressed and me and G took an uber to Shoreditch where we entered THE party bus that was going to take us to Supa Dupa Fly mansion party in Brighton. We were obviously the first ones there because.. me. G and Matt went and bought pizza from Pizza Pilgrims to kill time and hunger.


This pizza was absolutely divine. It was basic but oh boy was it good. Sometimes less is more. I don't have any other pictures from the bus ride to the mansion and you know what, that's probably for the best.

Here's a few snaps from our crazy night:


Me and Jay Z


Birthday boy Luis! <3


A few people have asked on my IG what I wore underneath etc. Silicone nipple covers and a lot of alcohol (not on me, but inside me...). I definitely needed some liquid courage to wear such a daring outfit.

Outfit details: Wide leg trousers from Miss Pap Lace body from Asos


On Sunday me and G treated ourselves to lunch at Nando's and walked around Westfield for a bit before going back home. I spent the afternoon working and in the evening had to take out my braids and shower:


Hope you guys had a great weekend too!