Boots skincare haul

I do my best to avoid shopping in actual shops (lots of people, service is just not that great anymore and.. lots of people) and I'm so grateful for online shopping!Last week I ran out of some skincare products and I genuinely can't survive without certain things so decided to top it up with items from Boots. Let's have a little look! The gift of beauty! Yes indeed.I don't spend a lot of money on shower gels because 1. it finishes super quick and 2. they all work the same This one from Nivea smells good and leaves a tiny hint of shimmer! >Nivea shower creamThose of you who are into skincare probably knows Glamglow? The overpriced clay masks? I haven't actually tried them but found something similar from L'oreal. These are on offer for £5.99 each! Really excited to try them. >Pure clay glow mask>Pure clay detox maskI like alternating between two facial cleansers and ran out of my usual vichy one, so bought this old fave from Avene. It is very mild and great for oily/acne-prone skin. >Avéne CleananceI also got this shampoo from Neutrogena. I don't think I have mentioned it here before but if my skincare guru Caroline has written about it I promise it's good! You can read her post here! My scalp gets oily very quickly and this shampoo makes my scalp feel super clean and fresh for longer! It also helps for dandruff and itchiness which we can all get. I use it once a week and other shampoos for the rest of the days. >T-gel shampoo from Neutrogena In the box was also this perfume sample from Alexander MQueen. I tend to save these and keep them at work and in my gym bag! It's a perfect way to save on your fave perfumes.Also.. if you're going on a weekend trip you can use these as those refillable perfume bottles :) Just empty it (or use it first), wiggle the top part off and fill with your own perfume.I promise to write a little review about the masks once I've tried them! And oh, I've written about my skincare history and current routine here. It hasn't really changed since November :)