Getting my hair done at Aer Blow Dry Bar in Chelsea

Before the Hangout event on Sunday I was invited to get my hair done at Aer Blow Dry Bar, and boy was I excited!

Me and Alana walked in and were greeted by two lovely girls who we chatted to the entire time we were there. I was pretty stunned by the interior. Minimal, concrete, wood and minimal - love it!! Aer is mainly a blow dry bar but they also do braids, nails, lashes and eyebrows. Jaz soon arrived and she was the one that was going to take care of my hair!

She asked what I wanted to do with my hair and I frankly had no clue.. I just didn't want to end up looking like a cinnamon bun (as my hair is pretty long this is what I was scared of). She said something about braids to frame my face, volume at the back and a messy bun.

And after a bit of braiding, curling and back combing I ended up looking like this!

A very romantic hair do which went well with my ruffled wrap dress!

Thank you Aer for taking such good care of me - I can't wait to come back!