A trim with a glass of wine, please!

Yesterday afternoon I finally had my hair appointment at Jönning & Riashi. The small but well-known hair salon has been open for about 3 years and is tucked inside goodge street (goodge place). As I wrote in my previous post, I have only read good reviews about this place and especially Nadia, so when she was able to fit me in for a cut I just had to say yes! Super pretty goodge placeThe salon. I was welcomed by Nadia herself, who took my coat and offered me a glass of white wine (points already!). After a brief chat about what I wanted done with my hair - which was basically just a trim - she started washing my hair with Shu Uemura products. My hair has usually been cut in a V shape at the back, but Nadia insisted she should cut it in a more straight line with long layers. I trusted her fully and I am happy i did! Before: I don't cut my hair very often (1-2 times a year), don't do many treatments and usually air dry, and so my hair is in fairly good "shape". I wanted my hair to feel thicker and fresh, but still long. After: Long hair with shorter layers to frame my face. She cut 3-4 cm off the length but it is barely noticeable. I am super happy to have found a hairdresser who not only listens to my requests but also suggests alternatives styles. She made me feel comfortable and taken care of which I value a lot as a client. My best friend said "you look like how most women would want to look after a hair appointment" - which couldn't be more true.

Tack så mycket Nadia! :)

To book your appointment, click here or email Nadia on nadia@jonningandriashi.co.uk.

Puss, N