A random list

Me doing my fave thing, eat.Casually stole this list from Nicole, a fellow scandi-blogger! One thing you cannot leave the house without? Duh, my keys. Also lip balm and phone.

Favorite brand of makeup? Honestly don't have one. I use a mix of budget brands to high end.

Favorite Flowers? Lilies or peonies

Fav clothing store? Really like ASOS for their variety..

Fav perfume? Balmain & HM collab. Gutted they don't do it anymore

Heels or flats? Depends. I'd say heels but nothing beats a good pair of sneakers

Did you make good grades? I was pretty average. Got better grades in courses like photography, music and media

Fav colors? Black and white, duh!

Do you drink energy drinks? Nope

Do you drink juice? Love freshly squeezed juice! nom nom

Do you like swimming? If it's warm outside, yes!

Do you eat fries with a fork? Same response as Nicole.. Depends how fancy the place is.

What's your fav moisturizer? The sleep mask from PixiDo you want to get married later on in life? Yup

Do you get mad easily? I get annoyed easily

Are you into ghost hunting? Nope!

Any phobias? Not a big fan of insects that crawls

Do you bite your nails? No I'd rather have nails like this.. :)

Have you ever had a near death experience? Well, no. I did have one really bad flight when I worked for Emirates. The turbulence was extremely bad and we all had to take our seats and wait it out - it was pretty awful and it was the first time ever I was slightly worried on a plane.

Do you drink coffee? Nope, I'm all about teas.