3 Shots Of Tequila Live at Blueberry Bar

So. After lots of cuddling and playing around I met up with Nicole and G at Blueberry bar in Shoreditch to see 3 Shots of Tequila Live. 3 Shots is originally a podcast (currently on 500.000+ listens) and the boys talk about everything from relationships, mental health and religion to personal crazy stories. Growing up in a small swedish town most of these crazy stories sounds like a movie to me.. It's like I've lived in a bubble. Same with some of the relationship issues they bring up, I've never heard anything like it before! Either way it's super entertaining and I found myself laughing out loud whilst travelling on the tube or walking the streets of Londondsc07570 dsc07574 Their talk show was hosted by KG Tha Comedian who was hilarious and then the boys came out and talked about cheating, checking your partner's phone, trust issues and various dilemmas. They even had a special phone number so members of the audience could text in questions anonymously.. The next two shows are unfortunately already sold out but do listen to 3 shots of tequila here or on itunes!