3 leg and glutes exercises I like (arguable) doing

On friday after work I hit the gym before meeting some friends. I focused on lower body (which I normally do) and here are 3 exercises I tend to do most times I'm at the gym.I almost always do back squats but have also started incorporating front squats as I don't want my quads to grow any bigger, haha. I tend to do: 40kg 10 x 2 (warm up) 50kg 10 x 3 60kg 5 x 3 And if I want to do front squats I'll do: 40kg 10 x 3Next up is leg press. I only recently started doing this because I frankly didn't know how to use the bloody machine. I tend to do: 10 x 3 with 120-140kgOne of my favourite glute exercise is weighted donkey kick on the cable machine. 10 x 3 on each leg with 15kgAs I said earlier, I do these exercises most days at the gym and other workouts as well like lunges, dead lifts, abs and pull ups.. Would you like to see more of what I do at the gym? I'm absolutely no expert but quite enjoy working out and sharing what I do :)