My weekend in pictures including Searcys, family meal and Haché burgers


My weekend was SO good guys. It kind of started on Thursday when I met up with Alana, Suzi, Alycia and Brendan.Alana had booked a table at Searcys at The Gherkin and I was super excited to finally see what it was like inside.

We had a couple of drinks and the bar did not disappoint.. except the prices, haha!

Sneaky selfie in the bathroom. I had to show off my new top I got from Depop (originally from Zara!). I've got a thing for anything I can wrap. It's the perfect style for most body shapes!

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon. I went to my bf's house for a lovely celebratory family meal. I can't explain how good his mom's food is?!

We later drove to Shoreditch to attend Mikaela's leaving drinks. I kind of didn't want to go as it's getting more real that she's leaving.. We went to her fave bar (Redchurch bar) and talked about our free passes, work, travelling and what she's looking forward to do back home in Sweden (except waiting for me to visit).

I definitely don't say it enough cause I'm really awkward like that but I love this woman. She's been a pillar in my very small friendship circle for the last two years and I'm so grateful we met. Puss på dig Mikaela!

The next morning I woke up looking like this. There will be another post about the struggles with short hair, haha.

I met up with Mikaela again and we went to Haché burgers for lunch

Two slightly tired humans

We ordered a sharing platter with olives, salami, something I can't remember how to spell and almonds. Yum.

We also ordered the most delicious homemade lemonade (watermelon and lemon, yum!) and Parisian Pressé cocktails because why not!

These burgers. All I've talked about since the weekend is these burgers?!

I ordered the Steak Royale with goats cheese and caramelised garlic on top. Holy crap it was so good.

Mikaela ordered a pretty standard cheeseburger but it looked delicious too.

We also shared some normal fries and truffle and cheese fries. I can't. So good.

That best friend who understands social media and takes 20 snaps of you pretend-sipping a drink. Keep her/him.

Thank you Haché Burgers for a WONDERFUL meal. I can't wait to go back!

Whilst walking to the station we popped by Protein Studios and were very intrigued by this..

An exhibition by Polly Noor!

One last picture for the blog.

Trousers from Zara, Denim jacket from Levis, bodysuit from American Apparel. Sunglasses from Gentle Monster