My weekend in pictures including newly opened Bokan at Novotel

Happy monday everyone!Hope you've all had a great start to the week. My day was so so but I'm meeting Gabriel later to see Moonlight which I'm excited about :)

My weekend was yet another productive one! I woke up stupidly early on Saturday and met G at Pure Gym in Greenwich. I worked on hamstrings, back and abs. For two hours. Ugh.After gym I went home to shower and made myself a late breakfast. Avocado, salmon and eggs.During the day I did laundry, cleaned my room and waited for G to arrive with Emelie and her things! I've got a new flatmate, yaaaaayyy! Super excited to live with her! And to talk more Swedish! So many good things :) To celebrate her arrival we ordered takeaway from Kin Kao (not the one in Shoreditch, there's another Kin Kao near us!) and opened a bottle of fine South African wine.After dinner we poured some more of that wine and got ready! We decided to visit our new neighbours at Novotel, the bar and restaurant Bokan. Bokan is on the 37-39th floor of the hotel with the most insane views.We sat at the bar and Emelie, who works in the hotel industry, gave me her thoughts haha!my weekend in pictures, bokan londonLook at this pretty drink I ordered.. with a huge amount of ice! They had a machine which melts ice into balls.. I kind of want one myself. my weekend in pictures, bokan londonmy weekend in pictures, bokan londonmy weekend in pictures, bokan london After two cocktails each we met my friend Kay at a bar in Liverpool street and continued weekend in pictures, bokan london We're very typical swedes. We ended up wearing skinny black jeans, black top with high neck, heeled boots, long black coat and scarf, haha. The next day I woke up with a headache but I had an exciting meeting back at Novotel so I forced myself up and got ready. Bokan looked totally different in daylight and I almost prefered being able to see all the stunning interior. my weekend in pictures, bokan londonThose brown arm chairs are goals.Beautiful marble coffee weekend in pictures, bokan londonGrey views over the riverAfter my meeting I met up with Emelie and we had brunch at Tom's Kitchen, a local favourite. I spent the rest of the day on the sofa watching Collateral Beauty (with Will Smith and Keira Knightley) and on Pinterest. Late at night (10pm, I'm a granny guys) I get a call from G and he says he's 10 minutes away. He brought me apple pie from Mcdonald's!!!! Ahhhh love him love him love him. Great ending to my weekend.