Thursday burgers

Yesterday I went to the gym after work and did a ZUU class, oh boy was that hard? I kept on having cough fits and my throat felt super dry. Not the best idea perhaps but I did feel good after! Especially after 15 min in the super hot steam room.I waited around in the Virgin active lounge after and eventually met G to have a late dinner at Byron. We were offered free chicken nuggets and who doesn't like free food? Bring em' in! They were ok. We then moved onto burgers. I had a classic cheese burger and G had everything on the menu. Not really. But he had a lot, haha. Not the bestest burger I've ever had but not bad either. Not the greatest service but not bad either. I'm just in a annoying mood at the moment (hello PMS) so nothing really pleases me except chocolate and hugs. Hope you're all having a splendid Friday so far!