On thursday I had a pretty productive evening, haha! I'm quite the granny if I can say so myself and rarely go out on weekdays as I highly dislike being "tired" at work. Well, thursday was an exception. G messaged me during the day asking if I wanted to come out in the eve and at first I hesitated. I had my brows microbladed the day before (more on that soon, promise!) and I felt liked I looked like an angry bird.. but decided to not let my thick and dark browse stop me from having fun, haha.I came home after work and layered my makeup and YES I hate layering but I couldn't be asked removing my makeup as it's a struggle washing your face with the browse. I changed into a black (duh) outfit, popped on a hat and went to shoreditch. More specifically, Radio Alice, where Luis and G had started on the wine.They ordered three pizzas and we caught up on life and relations.  By the way, if you haven't checked out Radio Alice yet.. just do it! They do the best pizza in town. After Radio Alice we went to Shoreditch House and had more wine. We found a spot near a fireplace and boy was I burning up! We decided to check out the roof terrace where Nam joined us for a bit and then we went to our third spot, Bounce!Bounce is a bar with lots of ping pong tables. I'm not a massive fan of it as I absolutely suck at ping pong and lots of other ball games I shall not mention but had a good time watching the others play!Me and Luis entertained ourselves a little too much with my snapchat. I still can't decide if I like insta stories or snapchat but I do love the filters.. ;)

Hope you are all having a great weekend so far! Puss!