Throwback Travels | Vienna, Austria

As 2017 will be a pretty calm year for myself in terms of travelling I decided to share some old travels with you, especially layovers during my time with Emirates in Dubai. I'll also write about my experience working as crew as I know it interests a lot of people and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.. just remember this is back in 2013 so some things has obviously changed.If I visited a place twice I'll combine the two in one post, but most of them will be "quick tours" as I would call it. A quick tour of the world. One of my first layovers was to Vienna in Austria. I met a lovely crew member on the flight and we hung out on the snowy streets. I believe we landed in the morning so we checked in to our fancy hotel (looks like it's had a renovation since we stayed there) and went for fika (remember the swedish word? coffee/tea with cake) and walked around the town. Pretty room!God I look like a baby. Remember this is 2013 folks, haha. We popped back to the hotel for a bit and later met up for more fika..  The stunning St Stephens cathedral I'm sure we had actual food at some point but doubt I took pictures of it :) European flights were my favourites as it would usually be a 6-7 hour flight and friendly passengers. Also, the jetlag wouldn't be too bad either! I'd love to go back to Vienna again as my time there was very limited! Have you been? If so what did you think of it?