The Plough Inn.. the morning after

We woke up the next morning and the windows had frost on them! brrrrrr!bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-reviewbynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review11We walked downstairs and passed this animal..bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review12To enjoy a beautiful breakfast here..bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review10bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review2 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review8bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review3 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review4 We got a plate with fresh croissants and there was juice, tea and coffeebynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review5 G ordered a full english breakfastbynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review6And I smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.. super creamy and deliciousbynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review7 I absolutely loved the breakfast. The menu was simple but very well cooked!bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review9 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review14 After breakfast we got ready to drive back to Oxfordbynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review15Took a few farewell pictures of the stunning house. When we arrived the evening before it was pitch black so we couldn't take any pics of the exterior :(bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review16bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review16 But LOOK AT IT!?bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel-review17 Imagine this space during summer? I'd love to go back again!oxford-no-3I'd highly recommend staying at The Plough Inn if you're looking for a place far from the hustle and bustle that is London or any other bigger city in the UK. The staff are friendly, food very well cooked and it felt like being in someones fancy house! There seemed to be lovely trails as well if you're into taking long walks. It was absolutely freezing when we were there soooo it just wasn't on our agenda, haha.

The Plough Kelmscott, Lechlade Oxfordshire, GL7 3HG