The Plough Inn at Kelmscott

The Plough Inn is a 30-40 minute drive west from Oxford, in the middle of nowhere (to a Londoner anyway!). It is a stunning old building with the restaurant and bar on the ground floor and 8 ensuite bedrooms upstairs. We were greeted by a group of cheery people who were probably there for christmas drinks and dinner, and checked in to our room. bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel2 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel3 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel4 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel5 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel6 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel7Isn't that the nicest, cosiest room?! The bed was super comfy with lots of pillows, bathroom equipped with REN products (which is very good if you didn't know), hairdryer and the best shower ever. I don't think I've ever experienced water pressure that hard, haha! The room also had a big wardrobe and a tv with local channels.In the evening I had booked a table in the restaurant downstairs so we popped down to eat some more, cause.. food is life.bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel8 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel10"A meal without wine is called breakfast" best quote ever tbhbynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel9Pretty table settings!  I had a delicious prawn and avocado sandwich with homemade crisps.bynoelle-plough-innAnd G had sausage and mash. So british.bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel11 For dessert we ordered a caramelised baileys & vanilla custard and toasted passion fruit marshmallow, tropical fruits, vodka & watermelon sorbet. I think I prefered his one but both were super tasty.bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel12 bynoelle-the-plough-inn-kelmscott-hotel13 After dinner we basically crashed in bed and watched some tv! Perfect ending :)