The perfect Midsommar

Us Swedes likes to celebrate anything and everything and we do it good. Back in the day Midsummer celebrations were held to welcome summertime and the season of fertility, maybe not so much the second one lately..It is one of my favourite traditions we have as it involves flowers, food and drinks - and is held during the summer.

This year we had the amazing opportunity to visit my friends parents summer house in the archipelago, about 40 minutes south from Stockholm. When we arrived we were welcomed with drinks (love the family already!) and hugs and later sat down for a lovely traditional midsummer lunch with meatballs, sausages, potatoes and other traditional swedish foods.DSC05139 copy DSC05140 copy DSC05142 copy DSC05148 copy DSC05149 copy DSC05151 copy DSC05152 copy DSC05153 copy After dinner the sun decided to say hi so we all sat on the terrace and talked for hoursDSC05154 copy DSC05158 copy and played with the adorable kidsDSC05162 copy DSC05166 copy my boys <3DSC05168 copy DSC05182 copy DSC05188 copy Emmie made the most amazing pulled pork burgers for our evening snackDSC05191 copy And Arild who is the founder and manager of Cheesecake Palace provided daim cheesecake, woop!!DSC05196 copy DSC05199 copyIn the late evening we went to the sauna and I had my first swim of the year! Absolutely horrifyingly cold but super refreshing after being in a hot sauna. Afterwards we all sat by the fire and chilled till it was bedtime. The picture above was taken around midnight.

Puss, N