Swedish dinner at SMAKA

Last night me and Nicole had dinner at SMAKA in Aldgate East. About damn time I'll say!I arrived first and did what all bloggers do, take pictures. Minimal, scandinavian interior. Stunning.Had a little peek at the menu..I was starving after my workout and 20 min walk to Aldgate so the bread was highly appreciated!Classic "knäckebröd" with butter. Whilst waiting for Nicole I chatted with the lovely owner Dennie and the waitress I didn't get the name of. Nicole eventually arrived and we ordered scandi-inspired drinks.We were given snacks by the chef..And soon our mains came in; Meatballs!! The meatballs and mash were delicious and very filling.Nicole! :) For dessert we had chocolate mousse, almond brownie and cinnamon ice cream, truffles and got to taste their lavender ice cream which was absolutely beautiful. We assumed it would be made with the very smelly flowers but they actually make the ice cream with the leaves - clever!We had such a lovely dinner and stayed way past dessert and talked about relationships, dating and work.