Stress and Gothenburg

On friday our flight with Norwegian got cancelled 8 hours prior to departure. Normally I trust Norwegian and think they are pretty decent for a low cost airline but I never expected this to happen to me. I got the notification via text - not even an email explaining why - and it said the flight has been cancelled and I can either re-book or get a full refund. I had to be in Sweden that evening or latest next morning so I went online to see what flights were available and Norwegian had none. Great.Ryan Air was the only airline with a similar departure so I went ahead and booked it - nearly £150 more than the original flight thank you very much.. and from a different airport. I have applied for a refund and also compensation to try and get some of my money back - holidaying is stressful!! When we arrived in Gothenburg my godmother picked us up and had prepared a light meal at home. We ate, drank wine and talked for hours. She's such a wonderful human being and I genuinely look up to her and her family.DSC04831 copy DSC04838 copy DSC04840 copy DSC04842 copy We woke up bright and early the next day and my godmother went to the local bakery and got some fresh bread and pastries. One of my favourite meals is breakfast and the swedes knows breakfast. Yoghurt, eggs, sandwiches, tea and juice. Yuuuum.DSC04844 copy DSC04845 copy DSC04846 copy DSC04849 copyThe swedes are also great at apartments and interior. Ahhhh how I miss Sweden sometimes. So happy to be here.

Puss, N